Three Flamingos
Flying Pelicans
Ducks At Sunset
Two Swans
Two Flamingos
Three Hot Air Balloons

Hot Air Ballooning     
Nude In The Surf At Sunset
Canoeing Back To Camp On The River At Sunset
Two Cats Staring
Rowing Back to the Dock at Sunset
In this gallery you will see retro pop art style paintings of birds, landscapes and seascapes. Also traditional and digital airbrush illustrations & antique cars. Paintings, prints and artful gifts for sale. 
Three Flamingos At Sunset
Three Whooping Cranes At Sunset
Two Pelicans                        Three Pelicans
Jaws Great White Shark
T-Rex Chasing Man
       Pelican Sunset  #1   
       Sharky The Friendly Shark   
Everglades Tropical Birds OrangeSunset
The Beginning Of Life In The Sea   
Everglades Tropical Birds PurpleSunset
1953 Nash Rambler Country Club
1950 Studebaker Champion

1950 Custom Ford
1953 Dodge Coronet
1957 De Soto Fireflight 2-door Sportsman in Fiesta Red
1951 Hudson Hornet
       Pelican Sunset  #2  
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